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October 19th, 2011 | Posted by admin in General

Hello dear visitor!

This is the kreatx software company blog. Here you`ll find posts about different programming issues, techniques, tools reviews and many other productivity enhancement articles.

We will mainly blog articles related to:


-Web application programming with jQuery.

-Rich Internet Application Development with Adobe Flash Builder.

-Programming desktop applications with  C# .NET  and ASP .NET web applications.

-Different hacks and techniques on how to optimize your code.

-MySql and SQL Server database engines related articles.

-Developing Business Applications and making them flexible and foolproof.

-Systems security, defense and disaster recovery.

-Linux hardening and configuration


Non programming articles will try to explain how we understand creativity, productivity and professional life and how we apply those principles to help kreatx grow stronger every day.

Of course we welcome your comments and we would be happy to write about anything related to the above mentioned areas that you`d like to put more light on.

best regards and happy coding,

Lejdi Koci

cofounder kreatx.





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