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SQL Injection

April 25th, 2017 | Posted by Emanuel Idrizi in SQL injection - (0 Comments)

Aplikacionet Web dhe ato Desktop që kanë akses në bazën e të dhënave mund të dërgojnë dhe të marrin të dhëna prej saj. Këto aplikime bien shpesh pre e sulmeve SQL Injection në qoftë se nuk aplikohet mbrojtja e duhur ndaj saj. Gjatë një sulmi SQL Injection, sulmuesi fut një input string në aplikacion me qëllim …
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Kreatx Presantation on Secure, Scalable, Synchronizable, and Social Business oriented Rich Internet Applications to reduce costs and add value to clients The paper presentation consisted on guiding the business in choosing the appropriate software application technology and apply the right methodologies. Modern technology must have certain criteria to fulfill business needs. Kreatx proposes RIA (rich …
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A while ago I experienced a tedious but nice adventure. We were hosting an old CMS web application on our company dedicated servers. Nearly 3000 customers were using that web application to maintain their web sites. A lot of programmers had worked on the application during almost 7 years and the code was never checked …
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