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Ubuntu Server është një nga sistemet operative më të përdorura në serverat e shumë kompanive të ndryshme. Ajo qe e ben Ubuntu-n distribucion shume te preferuar eshte suporti qe mund te maresh per kete sistem. Suporti i Ubuntu Server ndahet në dy lloje: ai komercial dhe i komunitetit. Suporti komercial mbulohet nga kompania Canonical Ltd …
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A while ago I experienced a tedious but nice adventure. We were hosting an old CMS web application on our company dedicated servers. Nearly 3000 customers were using that web application to maintain their web sites. A lot of programmers had worked on the application during almost 7 years and the code was never checked …
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Dynamic CSS

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Back at the time I was working on a CMS project I was stuck at the page style editor dialog. This functionality would allow the user to change the predefined css styles and then by saving those changes and refreshing the page he would see the effect those changes had on the style. Well at …
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